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Saturday, November 28, 2015

EyeMakeup ideas:How to apply the sexiest eyeshadow for Winter

First of all before talking about eye makeup you have to know the parts of your eye in order to achieve the best  look .This will help you

For today  I've chosen this everyday look ( ofcourse i'm talking about the eyeshadow ,you can change the lipstick color  into a nude or whatever lighter shade you like ). It's simple , beautiful and absolutely sexy ;)
Before starting I advise you to put your eyeshadow on your upperlid first ,you clear the fallout and  then you are free to put  concealer under the lower lashline and foundation.

Now let's start :  for this eyemakeup i've chosen The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette from Maybelline 
and ofcourse we need makeup brushes from different sizes

  1-After applying the concealer on the upperlid ,Use brush number 3 and apply the colour 4  on the whole upperlid even on the brow-bone
  2-Use brush 1 and apply colour 2 on the crease   
  3-Use brush 5 and apply colour 1 on the inner corner eye 
  4-Now clean your cheek from fallouts  and apply the concealer under the lower lash line
  5-Use brush 2 and apply colour 3 directly under the lower lash line 
  6- finally apply the eyeliner and put mascara   and here you are with the sexiest eyes ;)